About Guadi Centro de Animais

Guadi Centro de Animais is a non-profit organization that manages the dog- and cat shelter of the municipalities of Castro Marim, Vila Real and Monte Gordo. 

We give shelter to 100-120 dogs and 150-200 cats. All are being neutered, vaccinated and chipped. We aim to have them all adopted. 

How to help

Only with a lot of help from animal lovers like you, we are able to take good care of these animals. Please look down below to find out how to support us. Thank you. 

Adopt a dog or cat

We're sure you will find in our shelter the dog or cat that is exactly right for your family. We provide honest information about the animal, you'll have the chance to meet the animal and think it over before you make the decision to take it home. We only give animals to responsible owners who will take good care of it. 

Please make an appointment if you want to meet our dogs or cats. 

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Sponsor a dog

Thanks to many sponsors, our dogs receive preventive healthcare. If you sponsor a dog, it will receive vaccines and internal and external antiparasitics. This prevents diseases like parvo, leishmania and filaria. Please visit the website of our Dutch colleagues to see which dogs don't yet have a sponsor.



Municiplaity provides only very basic care. But to take good care of the animals, we need much more. Some animals need special food. Sometimes dogs or cats needs veterinairy examination or treatment. This is only possible with donations. Please consider to help us by donating some money. Every little bit helps. 

IBAN: PT 5000 3502 3400 0066 9213 002


Paypal: associacaoguadi@gmail.com

We are also very happy to receive blankets, puppyfood, puppy and kitten milk, canned food for cats, cat litter, antiparasitics for cats and cleaning materials. 


Fosters are sometimes needed for kittens or puppies that are too young to eat by them selves. Or sometimes for an animal that needs extra care for medical reasons. 

Please contact us if you are interested in being a foster. We tell you more about it. 

Filipe adoption

Become a volunteer

At the shelter there's always work to do! The shelter workers do their best, but they simply don't have enough time to do it all alone. 

Help is often needed with weeding in the dog pens. That's hard fysical work, especially in summer. Sometimes we need a hand for organising our supplies. For volunteers who plan to help on a regular basis, maybe it's an option to learn how we clean the cat area's. For safety reasons taking dogs for a walk is only possible at the rare occasions when we have an experienced volunteer to join you. 

Please contact us to discuss the options.

Where to find us

The shelter doesn't have an address, but you can find it if you search in google maps for Guadi-gatil/canil, Castro Marim.